_mg_5538Baby Ballerinas 22 months – 2.5 yrs

Baby Ballerinas is a fun and engaging introduction to dance, designed to get your little one wiggling, grooving and bopping to the music! It is also a great environment for little ones (and mums!) to socialise, meet and make new friends. Set in a nurturing environment, your baby ballerina will build confidence while learning how to follow instructions, be a leader, take turns and interact with fellow students. Baby Ballerinas teaches basic ballet steps and creative movement through song, imagery, story-telling and dance based play to keep each lesson exciting, captivating and buckets of fun! Some of the props incorporated into the Baby Ballerinas class include balance beams, hula hoops, bean bags, scarves, musical instruments and all-time favourite: the parachute!

Class Outline

  • A familiar routine is established within each class to create a sense of certainty and security for each child. While the content will vary from class to class, the structure remains much the same.
  • Classes are streamed by age to accurately meet the developmental abilities of that age group and cultivate individual learning and growth.

Enrolment Requirements

  • 22 months old by the 31st of January
  • This class provides a beautiful bonding experience between child and carer, as full participation is required by a special loved one, whether that be Mum, Dad, Grandma or babysitter.

What to Wear

For Girls 
Baby Ballerinas does not have a set uniform, this is to ensure your little ballerina is happy and comfortable in what they wear. In saying this, please avoid overly long or restrictive outfits as this will inhibit movement and make it difficult to dance in. Dress your little ballerina in attire that is comfortable and allows ease of movement – any leotard and skirt combination, soft tutu or ballet dress are considered appropriate options.

Bare feet OR pink leather full sole ballet shoes (with elastic) worn with pale pink ballet socks or stockings

For Boys
Neutral coloured shorts, leggings or bike shorts (avoid bulky or restrictive pants), worn with a T-Shirt

Bare feet or white leather full sole ballet shoes (with elastic) worn with socks

To the Trial Class
If you already own a leotard and ballet shoes, perfect! If not don’t stress, dress your little ballerina in clothing that is comfortable and allows ease of movement. Bare feet in a trial class is 100% acceptable! (Please, no jiffies or ballet flats as these are very slippery to dance in.)

For the Participating Parent/Carer
It is best to wear clothing that is non-restrictive, comfortable and easy to move/dance in. In terms of footwear, bare feet or socks are welcome, otherwise runners or closed in shoes are a good option (Please no high heels!).

What to Bring

  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks are not permitted during class, however are perfect before and after the lesson to re-fuel energetic little bodies!
  • Something warm for the cooler months. A cross-over and ballet stockings or leggings are great options as they can be layered over your little ones ballet outfit.


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