Ballerina Whispers offers a refined and customised early childhood dance program which aspires to create magical moments of dance with your precious young one. Condensing more than 10 years of teaching experience, this carefully crafted program lays down the foundations of classical ballet and creative movement through storytelling, mime, imagery, fantasy and fun! With perfect harmony of structured versus improvised exercises, each class aims to inspire and ignite the imagination, and take your little one on a wondrous adventure beyond the four walls of the studio!

Ballerina Whispers comprises three levels, Baby Ballerinas, Little Tutus & Romantic Tutus; each of which facilitate age appropriate progression and are suitably paced to keep your little star engaged from beginning to end. Over the course of the program you will watch your child grow from a beginner to a confident little ballerina, who is enthusiastic about coming to class each week!

Each class is paired with a fabulous array of music and a treasure trove of props to further enrich the learning experience. The vibrant program that is Ballerina Whispers, will boost your child’s self-confidence and further develop fine and gross motor skills, co-ordination, musicality, balance, listening and social skills, muscle memory and self-expression (just to name a few!). Each level has been thoughtfully put together to disguise learning processes and skill development through aesthetically stimulating content. Participation in Ballerina Whispers should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, which above all, adds an extra touch of magic to your little ones day.


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