Message from Jasmine

A message from Jasmine, Owner of Ballerina Whispers — BFA Dance | Grad Dip Ed | Mat Pilates Instructor

First and foremost the reason why I became a dance teacher was to share my love and passion for dance. This still holds true; however it has developed into so much more than that… I want to provide a space where others too, can be touched by the joy of dance and experience what I had the greatest privilege of experiencing:

  • The gift of community; to share in life-long friendships and connect with like-minded people. To be part of a safe and nurturing environment, where one feels comfortable to express oneself without criticism.
  • The gift of movement as another medium of communication, providing an outlet for self-expression. A language to interpret ideas, feelings, emotions that we as individuals absorb from the world around us, that we can take, decipher and make meaning of, though dance.
  • The gift of creativity; to challenge the ‘now’ by thinking outside of the square. The ability to draw from and use knowledge, skills and imagination to tackle and solve problems or express ideas and feelings.
  • The gift of confidence; to overcome fears, doubt and anxiety and stand before a crowd with poise and confidence. To believe in oneself, ones ideas, worth and purpose and take calculated risks knowing there is chance of failure.
  • The gift of discipline and determination; to have high expectations of oneself and not be satisfied with mediocrity, understanding that high achievement is a direct result of hard work and perseverance. Equally valuable is the gift of resilience; being able to pick oneself back up and continue on when outcomes are not as expected.
  • The gift of passion; to feel liberated, empowered by movement, dance and music and experience moments where you feel ALIVE and can achieve; do anything! To bottle this passion and apply it to other areas in one’s life.

The art of dance is powerful in so many ways, and sculpts an individual by means deeper than just steps. That’s why as a human and an educator, I feel obliged to share these moments that have defined my journey in dance; to not, I believe would be an act of selfishness.


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