Our Aims

Within each class, Ballerina Whispers aims to:

  • Teach with enthusiasm, passion and energy
  • Provide a low pressure, safe and nurturing environment where each child has the potential to flourish
  • Incorporate good quality resources and props to aid in the learning experience
  • Value and see potential in each child and ensure they receive individualised attention
  • Nurture a child’s natural progression to achieve milestones at their own pace
  • Recognise each child as a unique and special individual with their own set of strengths and challenges and meet their specific needs through varied teaching strategies and curriculum.
  • Celebrate achievements no matter how big or small (watching a child learn to skip for the first time makes our heart sing!)
  • Indulge in curriculum that challenges technical and creative skills
  • Capture the essence of childhood. Inspire the imagination and foster creativity to generate magical moments through dance.

The Outcome?

It is anticipated that completion of the Ballerina Whispers program develops confident individuals who –

  • encompass a solid grounding in classical technique
  • are creative thinkers, capable of using initiative to solve problems or express ideas
  • have acquired new skills which will support learning across their schooling years
  • sport new friendships
  • hold fond memories of their time at Ballerina Whispers
  • developed a love and joy for the art of dance


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