Ballerina Whispers Philosophy

The early childhood years are a delight, children have such inquisitive minds, boundless energy, truly wonderful imaginations and a thirst for learning. Whilst developing the Ballerina Whispers curriculum, it was imperative that each lesson was able to fulfil and nurture these traits while still developing the physical, emotional, social and cognitive requirements of each child. Along with this was the need to capture the exquisite magic and wonder of childhood to accurately deliver a program that captivates our younger participants. To achieve this desired outcome Ballerina Whispers encompasses the following philosophies:

    • Foster Creative Identity; in a world of conformity we see value in developing a child’s creative identity. Creativity cannot be taught, however Ballerina Whispers program provides a framework in which children can use their imaginations to think and move more creatively. Opportunities to explore creative expression and independent thinking are incorporated into each lesson through improvisation, imaginative dance and developing individual starting and finishing positions. Generally a child’s first instinct is to imitate those around them, however through guidance and a facilitated approach each individual is encouraged to develop their own ideas and interpretations as opposed to reinforcing conformity. Fostering a safe, nurturing studio environment is equally important in developing a child’s creative identity. The more secure a child feels in the space, the more willing they are to involve themselves in the creative process.
    • Learning through play; Ballerina Whispers believe play is integral to learning and discovery within the early childhood years. Learning through play and fostering a kinaesthetic approach to teaching dance encourages curiosity, optimism, resilience, concentration, and creativity; skills which are beneficial for later learning and development of higher order thinking. To aid in the implementation of this approach, music, quality props, movement and creative expression are integrated within the Ballerina Whispers framework to provide an environment that cultivates exploration, risk-taking and inquiry within children. Kinaesthetic learning also meets a child’s inherent need to move by providing an outlet to channel and expend energy in a positive and beneficial way.
    • When you dance your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It is to enjoy each step along the way.’ — Wayne Dyer. Ballerina Whispers encompasses the philosophy of process over product; we believe it is not the final product that is of greatest value but rather the process that was undertaken to reach that point. Within the Ballerina Whispers program emphasis is placed on the creative process and promoting inquiry and discovery to deepen a child’s level of understanding. This philosophy is supported through expert guidance and providing adequate time, space and opportunity within a dance class for children to explore and experiment with ideas and movement.



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